First of all, here is the link where you apply for the exam:


Please review the requirements and how you fill out an e-Application! I'm sorry but I do not work for TCEQ so I cannot help you with this. You can call them if you have trouble.


My course is four days long, 8:00 to 4:30 each day, and must be completed successfully before being eligible to take exam. The manual provided is approved by TCEQ for the course so the material is appropriate for preparing to take your Irrigator License exam.

We cover six of the eight chapters of the manual on the first day. A lot of it is not all that important except for the chapter on Backflow Prevention.

The morning of the second day covers the chapter on Hydraulics. This is the part of the exam that most people struggle with and some also struggle with it in the class.

After showing you how to do the calculations, I will be calling on you to answer questions from the manual in front of the class. I need to see how you are progressing with the material to know how you're doing with your learning.

In order to be able to do these problems, you need to be COMFORTABLE with some basic math.

You will be doing multiplication (actually calculating percentages) and addition.

If you are not comfortable with understanding this type of math quickly, you will struggle.

If you struggle too much and slow the class down, I may ask you to go home from the class but come back later after you've had time to practice.

If you struggle in the class, you won't pass the exam so it's in your best interest.

The afternoon is the Design chapter. There is much to learn in this chapter as well.

The last two days are focused on you actually doing designs. TCEQ requires that you do four designs for the course and the last one is provided by TCEQ.

It's not an easy course because it's not an easy exam!

You will also have a section on your exam about the rules.

For now, focus on TAC CH344: